High-quality Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer

The injection molding machines are applied in the field of injectionmolding, such as cosmetic packaging, medical supplies (collecting bloodvessels, needle tubes), dining box knife and fork spoon, film internal paste,chemical paint bucket and other terminal products.

we mainly produce:PVC Special Injection Molding Machine,PET Special Injection Molding Machine,Speed Injection Molding Machine,MPIMM 5th GENERATION,4G High Speed Injection Molding Machine and other typesplastic injection molding machines.

Why choose LISONG machinery?

As an innovative injection molding machine manufacturer,Over the years, LI SONG abide by the corporate philosophy “Create value for customers, Create value for employees, Create value for company”, and the idea “putting customer as the central role, technology research and development as the leading role and people as the primary role.

We provide customers with customized services. Our injection molding machine products are exported to more than 200 countries and regions such as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the United States, Indonesia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, etc.

About Us


LISONG Machinery searched for injection molding machine that matched their vision of innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Each piece of equipment is picked specifically to bring our customers optimal performance coupled with the best results.


According to customer needs, provide customers with customized sister programs.

Why Us?

Our company develops itself through continuous R & D and we have never compromising quality.


Our quality certificate ISO 9001 and CE, with our expert engineers we are making planned production.